Small Sizes That Matter: Opportunities and Risks of Nanotechnologies

Publication Date : 2005
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This report has reviewed the likely economic impact, investment possibilities, and potential risks of nanotechnologies. It analyses the opportunities and risks from the perspective of the Allianz Group.

This joint report surveys the level of investment in nanotechnology and possible strategies for risk management. Report highlights the need for a new approach to be developed for addressing risk in emerging industries that allows stakeholders from industry, government, academe, and the general public to debate, identify and address risk options. Report concludes with a summary of recommendations, including expanded independent research into the risk of nanoparticles to humans and the environment, the development of comparative risk classification schemes and databases, focusing the attention of underwriters and risk managers on critical issues, and developing a sustainable regulatory framework that does not stifle development but allows industry to operate safely.

1. Executive Summary

   1.1. Nanotechnology and the market place

   1.2. Investments in nanotechnology

   1.3. The environmental, health and safety discussion related to nanoparticles

   1.4. Allianz’s position on industrial insurance cover


2. What is nanotechnology and what makes it different?

   2.1. Introduction

   2.2. Nanomaterials: basic building blocks

   2.3. Nano tools and fabrication techniques

   2.4. Present and future areas of application


3. Market prospects and opportunities

   3.1. Sectoral example: Medicine

   3.2. Sectoral example: Food and agriculture

   3.3. Sectoral example: Semiconductors and computing

   3.4. Sectoral example: Textiles

   3.5. Sectoral example: Energy

   3.6. Nanotechnology and the situation of developing countries


4. Players


5. Nanotechnology programs of governments


6. What are the risks of Nanotechnology?

   6.1. Broad range of technologies, variety of risks

   6.2. Positive effects on human health and the environment

   6.3. Manufactured nanoparticles

   6.4. Nanoparticles and human health

   6.5. Nanoparticles and the environment

   6.6. Explosion hazards of nanoparticles

   6.7. Self replication of miniature machines

   6.8. Regulatory considerations of authorities and other stakeholders

   6.9. Position of the industry

   6.10. Position of pressure groups

   6.11. Position of reinsurers and insurers


7. Chances and risks for the Allianz Group

   7.1. Nanotechnologies and investments

   7.2. Nanotechnology and industrial insurance: Managing chances and risks

   7.3. Conclusions for industrial and commercial insurance
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