Nanosafety Guidelines: Preventing Exposure to Nanomaterials at the Faculty of Applied Sciences

Publication Date : 2010
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Subject Risk Assessment and Management ; Occupational Safety ; Exposure Assessment

To protect the people from the Delft University of Technology from the potential dangers of nanomaterials, the present guidelines have been set up in view of research activities within the Faculty of Applied Sciences (TNW) of the University.

The guidelines are sharpened periodically, taking into account gained knowledge on nanotoxicology As well as new domains of research activity within the faculty. The input of researchers is Incorporated in the update of these guidelines.




1. Introduction


2. Potential nanotoxicity

   2.1 Criteria for potential nanotoxicity

   2.2 Risk assessment on nanotoxicity


3. Recommendations for preventing workplace exposure to nanomaterials

   3.1 Strategy

   3.2 Measures for working with nanomaterials in liquids

   3.3 Measures for working with nanomaterials in gas phase reactors

   3.4 Explosion risk and pyrophoricity test

   3.5 Measures for working with nanomaterial powders

   3.6 Personal protective equipment

   3.7 Monitoring lab air and filter efficiency

   3.8 Cleaning procedures and spills

   3.9 Transport of nanomaterials

   3.10 Disposal of nanomaterials

   3.11 Summary flowchart


4. Background information on nanosafety

   4.1 Terminology of nanomaterials

   4.2 Nanotoxicity

   4.3 Regulations and guidelines
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